NHS England and NHS Improvement

NHS England and NHS Improvement

NHS England and NHS Improvement work together as a single organisation to better support the NHS to deliver improved care for patients.

As local health systems work more closely together, the same is happening at a national level, and we have designed our single operating model to support delivery of the NHS Long Term Plan.

Local health systems are supported by our seven integrated regional teams who play a major leadership role in the geographies they manage. They make decisions about how best to support and assure performance in their region, as well as supporting system transformation and the development of sustainability and transformation partnerships and integrated care systems (ICS).​

Our approach to delivering the NHS Long Term Plan balances national direction with local autonomy to secure the best outcomes for patients. Local implementation is led by the clinicians and leaders who are directly accountable for patient care and making efficient use of public money. This ensures local health systems have the ability and accountability for shaping how the Plan is implemented.

While the pandemic has inevitably impacted some delivery trajectories, we remain determined to deliver the ambitions for improvements in care, treatment and population health set out in the Plan. We also strive to keep up the momentum on recovering services and addressing care backlogs, continuing to recover and transform services.

‘Stimulating, inspiring, educational and motivational’ – Delegate, Expo 19

‘Allowed me time to reflect and see the bigger picture of health and care at a time when the day job is pressurised' – Delegate, Expo 19

NHS Confederation

NHS Confederation

The NHS Confederation is the membership organisation that brings together, supports and speaks for the whole healthcare system in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Integration and partnership working are the driving force of healthcare. We promote collaboration and partnership working as the key to improving population health, delivering high-quality care and reducing health inequalities.

This is our central focus. We support integration across our membership, connecting different parts of the health and care system to share learning and develop solutions to shared challenges.

The members we represent employ over 1.5 million staff, care for more than 1 million patients a day and control £150 billion of public expenditure. 

We support our members in three main ways: 

We represent organisations and sectors, to ensure local organisations and systems work in the best interests of service users, citizens and staff.

We connect the whole healthcare system, to boost system working and develop solutions to shared challenges.

We support leaders to develop and hone their leadership skills, equipping leaders with tools, ideas and insights and connecting them with a community of leaders.

Visit nhsconfed.org to find out more about us.

'A cracking, varied programme which I thoroughly enjoyed. Lots of choice... Thank you to all that were part of the organising team' -- Delegate, NHS Confed Conference 2021

'So much to inform and inspire me. I need a 'decompression' day to process and reflect before adjusting back into work' -- Delegate, NHS Confed Conference 2021