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  • The session explores how linked data and actionable insights can serve as the launch pad for inter-agency collaboration
  • With the context of increasing demand and more complex conditions than ever before, we know that maintaining the current size of our workforce, skill mix and ways of working will not be enough to deli ...
  • In this session, our expert panel will explore how solving health inequalities is fundamental to improving productivity and efficiency across the system, as well as playing a key role in elective reco ...
  • Integration is at the heart of the NHS. The future of healthcare lies in our ability to bring physical and mental healthcare together, with people’s needs at the centre of service delivery.
  • The price paid by individuals and communities impacted by racism are incalculable and should be all the evidence we need to drive change. But how can the economic argument also focus minds?
  • The NHS workforce has been under increasing pressure since the pandemic, and workload and wellbeing remain pressing concerns.
  • Imagine a world where patients and the public feel they are engaged as individuals and can digitally interact with care services in the same ways as they do with other aspects of their life.
  • ConfedExpo23 marks a year since ICSs were legally established. This session will explore where ICSs are now and where they are going, and how they are managing increasingly complex challenges and find ...
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