What are the dates and times of the event? 

Wednesday 15 June 9.30am – 5pm
Thursday 16 June 9.30am – 4pm 

Breakfast sessions will run from 8am on Thursday 16 June and the exhibition floor will be open from 9am each morning. 

Can I register on the day?

Although you will be able to register on the day, we advise against it. Due to the volume of traffic on entry, registering you on the day will take time and we don’t want you to miss any keynotes or sessions you are hoping to attend. For your peace of mind, you may be better booking in advance.

Can I register for the event online?

Yes. We are encouraging delegates to register in advance. This will speed up the sign in process when you arrive on site. 

Can press attend the event?

Yes. Press passes will be issued by our media team. Please contact them directly externalaffairs@nhsconfed.org, rather than follow the booking pathway. 

Can students attend the event?

The programme for NHS ConfedExpo has been curated with senior health care leaders and professionals in mind. For this reason, you may not find that the content is suitable for you at this time. 

Can I attend if I'm coming from overseas?

Yes! We welcome senior health professionals from around the globe and value your perspective at our event. At NHS ConfedExpo, we will have an international feature zone to highlight good practice across the world and explore how we can worth together to improve global health. 

Liverpool has an airport with good connection links to city centre accommodation and the venue. The international rate to attend the event is £900 + VAT.

Can patients attend the event?

We work with Healthwatch UK and with other NHS organisations to ensure patient voice is present throughout our event. If you have an interest and would like to be a patient representative, please contact Healthwatch UK directly. If you are selected, your pass will be handled directly by Healthwatch UK.

How much does the event cost?

If you are a salaried employee of the NHS or a member of the NHS Confederation, you can claim a free pass.

For all other rates, please refer to the conference rate page. If you are unsure, please contact confedexpo@nhsconfed.org who can help you. 

What do I do if I can no longer attend?

If you are unable to attend, you have two options – you can either transfer your booking to a colleague or you could cancel your booking subject to our booking terms and conditions. Please email the team at confedexpo@nhsconfed.org to discuss your options. No cancellations can be taken over the phone.

Can I get a refund?

For any cancellations made up to 4 weeks prior to the date of the Event, you will be entitled to a full refund of the booking fee (where paid in advance).

If you provide less than 4 weeks’ notice of cancellation prior to the Event, you will be charged the full booking fee. This also applies to group bookings. For further details on our cancellation policy, please check the booking terms and conditions

Can I transfer my pass to a colleague if I can no longer attend? 

You can make any changes to your booking more than or up to two weeks prior to the Event. Please email: confedexpo@nhsconfed.org and provide full details of the new delegates who will be attending. Any changes to bookings relating to the identity of the delegates after this date can be made during the conference.

Why are the prices different on the website and the booking platform? 

All prices are shown on nhsconfedexpo.org without VAT. VAT is automatically applied on all passes with a ticket value on Eventsforce. It is down to your organisation to claim back VAT. 

How do I pay for my pass?

To complete your booking, you will be required to pay by credit card at point of sale online.

If you are unable to pay by credit card, a BACS transfer can be arranged. Please note, there is a 5% surcharge for any bookings being paid by invoice. For any payment enquiries please contact our Events Team confedexpo@nhsconfed.org 

Do I have to pay for the dinner, even with a free NHS pass? 

We are asking everyone who attends the dinner to pay for this element. The price covers the food and overhead costs only.  Please note, the dinner can now ONLY be booked as part of the NHS, local gov etc rate and is not available to any other category.

Do I get a discount code?

If you are entitled to a discount code, it will have been sent to you in an email.

If you are booking using a discount code, the person eligible for the discount code will need to be processed separately. Any additional delegates must be processed as a different booking.

How will catering operate? 

There will be catering outlets located on the exhibition floor providing a selection of tasty and healthy options for our delegates to choose from. There will also be a catering station near the cloakroom to grab a hot or cold drink. You will also find water bottle refilling stations so you can keep hydrated throughout the event. 

Will there be cloakroom facilities on site?

Yes, the cloakroom is located on the ground floor of the exhibition centre, just outside the exhibition hall and will be available for delegates to use throughout the event. If you are unsure where to find it, please ask a member of staff, who will be happy to direct you when on site. 

Is there free WI-FI?

ACC Liverpool offers Wi-Fi access for guests and delegates throughout the building. From communal areas such as the coffee shop in the Galleria, to exhibition halls, break-out conference rooms and the auditorium, Wi-Fi access is complimentary and widely available.

Is there accommodation for the attendees? 

Reservation Highway have negotiated rates with hotels in the area. 

When will the app be available?

Search for NHS ConfedExpo in the app stores to download it today! 

You will need your booking email address to log in to the app. You will receive a separate invitation email from us, inviting you to log in to the app within 24 hours. If you don't receive your email, please contact confedexpo@nhsconfed.org.

To help you get the most out of the app, we've put together a short explainer video to assist with the log in process. 

Why can’t I reserve a seat at sessions?

Our app allows you to create a personalised agenda to help navigate the programme, but this will not reserve you a seat at a specific session. This decision has been made based on the amount of delegates expected on site, and as a result of delegates missing out due to reservations not showing up at previous events.  


Spaces in sessions will be distributed on a first come, first served basis as people arrive. We advise that you arrive in plenty of time for your session to get a seat.

Is the event virtual? 

The event will be hosted in Liverpool for an in-person audience. We will be live streaming our two main stages. All other content across theatres, pop up universities, and feature zones can only be accessed by attending the event in Liverpool. Content will not be available on demand after the event. Therefore, NHS ConfedExpo is not classified as a virtual or hybrid event (for both an online and in person audience).

How can I give feedback?

You send feedback via email confedexpo@nhsconfed.org, alternatively you can provide comments after the event in our post-event survey. 

Is the venue accessible? 

ACC Liverpool seeks to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all delegates attending any event. Our venue is accessible for wheelchair users or those with specific access requirements. For more on parking, access, seating and toilets, please visit ACC Liverpool’s page dedicated to accessibility

What are you doing to make sure the event is sustainable? 

Printed materials

All printed materials for advertising purposes, including the delegate guide, will be printed on recycled paper using vegetable inks and will be produced sustainably. For more information on our printer's environmental policy, please click here.

Exhibition contractor 

Through thoughtful recycling, emissions reduction and certified waste disposal programs, we will adopt and maintain the highest standards of green practices throughout the event delivery process. From an event delivery perspective, we operate a 100% reuse and recycle model. We commit to Zero to Landfill, with every aspect of the physical infrastructure either reused multiple times over multiple events, or fully recycled and repurposed. This includes:

  • 100% adoption of plug and play electrical systems throughout delivering zero waste in terms of cabling, wiring or fittings.
  • 100% recyclable floor coverings throughout.
  • Zero use of paint or wet trades onsite.
  • Adoption of 100 reusable and sustainable beMatrix walling system.
  • Fabric used across the event is from PONGS®, where they use innovative sustainable technologies to produce climate neutral textiles for the digital printing industry. 
  • The ink is water based rather than solvent and is dye sub printed so can be washed if it gets dirty. 
  • We encourage our customers to reuse their graphics as much as possible.
  • Where clients cannot reuse their graphic treatment, we will repurpose. Any logos / text are shredded and used as the filling for floor puffs and cushions. The rest of the usable fabric is given new life by being made into bags, pencil cases, boxes and more. These are then either returned to the company or sold to raise money for charities.
  • Because we deliver all inventory from a single hub, we minimise the need for unnecessary and wasteful vehicle movements, hence reducing our logistics CO2 footprint.


ACC Liverpool is a single plastic free venue and send zero waste to landfill. ACC Liverpool has its own Environmental Task Force (ETF) which, among other initiatives, fast-tracked the venue to 'Zero to Landfill' status.  Green awards include Gold Standard in the Green Business Tourism Scheme, Healthy Stadia accreditation and a Green Apple award for the building. 

You can read more about ACC Liverpool’s environment, sustainability and climate action pledge online.

I require a formal invitation to attend the conference to apply for a VISA, can you please send this to me.

No delegate is technically ‘invited’ so unfortunately, we cannot provide a formal invite letter.  However, we can resend you your email confirmation, confirming you have booked a place to attend.