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Information for session leads

The individual submitting this proposal will be considered the session lead. The session lead will be responsible for:   

  • Submitting the approved proposal, which includes an updated overview providing a clear rationale for the session 
  • Establish the objectives and desired outcomes of the session 
  • Creating the content and talking points which will be discussed 
  • Propose, invite and manage speakers / facilitators 
  • Informing us as soon as possible if someone else becomes the session lead, including their contact details 

Key deadlines

There are two deadlines that it is imperative that you meet:

Wednesday 10 April
  • Final session title and description for agenda publication
  • Full details for all confirmed speakers
  • Tick-box confirmation of whether each of your confirmed speakers has any kind of practicing clinical role
  • Full details of how the session will run
Friday 7 June
  • Deadline for slides to be submitted via the slide portal



Submit your session

If you need any support developing your session(s), please contact the team at 
Commercial partners submission deadlines will be discussed on our planning calls.

Email the team

Session formats

There are two session formats that are being captured through this process. A high level description of each can be found below: 

Learning Theatre

Learning Theatres are purpose built theatres on the exhibition floor, used as an engagement space for presenting sessions around the broad topic of that Learning Theatre. 

There are 8 x 40 min sessions across the two days, with two of these sessions run by the Theatre sponsor. 

Learning Theatre sessions should focus on a single example of improvement practice that can be adopted and adapted across other organisations and specialities. This could look to include case studies and examples of adoption. 

Sessions should focus on sharing learning and good practice and should allow suitable time for audience engagement and Q&A. 

Space layout: Theatre style. Capacity dependent on zone, but ranges 60 - 100 

In conversation with

The In conversation with theatre is a purpose built theatre on the exhibition floor, used as an engagement space for interviews and fireside chats with leading figures across the health and care sector. 

The In conversation with theatre will bring you thought-provoking discussions and unique perspectives from across healthcare and beyond.

Hosted by Victoria Macdonald, health and social care editor at Channel 4 News, this feature zone will see lively debate and distinctive insights on a range of topics. 

There are 10 x 30 min sessions across the two days, with two of these sessions run by the theatre sponsor. 

Space layout: Theatre style. Capacity dependent on final zone build, but estimated 100 - 150 

Detailed guidance

Learning Theatre

At NHS ConfedExpo 2024, we have a strand of Learning Theatres dedicated to sharing focused examples of improvement practice or case studies that can be adapted and adopted across other organisations and/or specialties.

Key information

Learning Theatre sessions are 40 minute slots, and should be set out similar to the following:

2 minutes - Introduction to key issue of session

25 minutes - Presentation on a single area of improvement practice, to set out how their work can be adapted and adopted

10 minutes - Q&A with audience

3 minutes - Summary of session and key takeaways 

  • Learning Theatre capacities from 40 - 80
  • The session should focus on sharing learning and good practice, and equip delegates with the knowledge and tools they need to adapt and adopt within their organisation
  • 40 minutes is a relatively short time, so there should be no more than two presentations. 
  • Sessions should look to be delivered by 1 - 3 speakers. It would be possible to run a panel discussion on the zone, but these should be the exception and not the norm. If running a panel, the maximum number of participants is 4.
    • The single area of improvement practice should shortly and crisply share:
      • What they’ve practically done that’s worked well and how they’ve done it 
      • Why they’ve done it – including how data has informed their work 
      • What the impact has been - including showing the evidence that it has worked 
      • What the challenges were and how they overcame them 
      • The key lessons learnt 
      • The key takeaways which others can adapt and adopt

Session format principles

  • NHS ConfedExpo is a joint conference, and all sessions must be developed in full partnership between NHS England and NHS Confederation
  • Focus on the most impactful and adaptable/adoptable transformations within your theme area
  • More than half of attendees at NHS ConfedExpo are Heads of Department or more senior. It is important that all sessions give sufficient time for Q&A engagement/discussion with attendees
  • Roving mics will be available