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Tayo Owodunni

Tayo Owodunni

Senior Manager for Innovation Programmes, NHS England

Tayo Owodunni is an experienced Senior Manager for Innovation Programmes at NHS England, with over 15 years of expertise leading and implementing complex and dynamic change programmes across various sectors, including public health and local authorities.

He holds the anchor Programmes Manager position for delivering the Health Innovation Networks (HINs) portfolio of workflows and value streams commissioned by the NHS and its Accelerated Access Collaborative (AAC) partners. His focus is on supporting Innovation Systems infrastructures geared toward accelerating and scaling evidence-based innovative solutions to enhance clinical care and patient safety, embedding strategic change, and delivering economic growth in healthcare innovation, research, and life sciences sectors.

Recently, Tayo led the development, rollout, and evaluation of the NHS Insights Prioritisation Programme (NIPP). NIPP reviewed a catalogue of healthcare innovations catalysed during the COVID-19 pandemic response and yielded outputs and outcomes aimed at improving disparities in healthcare through initiatives such as remote monitoring and consultation using digital technology, tackling health inequalities, improving ways of working and pathways in health and social care delivery. With a strong background in population health business intelligence systems, public health projects, and community development, Tayo brings a unique perspective, breadth, and depth to the field of healthcare innovation.

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