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Shana Vijayan

Dr Shana Vijayan

Assistant Director for the Digital Profession Programme, NHS England

Shana is the Assistant Director for the Digital Profession Programme at NHS England. She is responsible for the development of an NHS wide digital and data profession.

In previous roles, Shana led the strategy for the Federated Data Platform, Covid-19 antivirals and lateral flow devices, and Test Beds for NHS England. She has an extensive background in health management in complex and varied environments, having worked with the OECD, the Department of Health, large teaching hospitals and Primary Care.

Shana champions a culture which is open and transparent. Her particular interest is in how NHS organisations can be more effective. She is concerned with how public health services are held to account and the tools and technologies that shape healthcare.

Shana holds a PhD from UCL and is a former Kennedy Research Fellow.

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