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Shaheen Shora

Dr Shaheen Shora

Clinical Director & Consultant Psychiatrist, Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust

I have been working as a Consultant Psychiatrist in Old Age mental health services since 2011 and am the Clinical Director in Specialist Mental Health Services since April 2021. In both these roles, I see myself as the driver for improving quality & safety of care delivered to patients and families. I am passionate about fairness and equality and equitable services with fair access to all irrespective of social class, background and ethnicity. I am a
strong advocate for my patients, colleagues and carers & see myself as a compassionate leader.
I have natural empathy as an inbuild strength which helps me build trusting and strong
relationships with colleagues & foster a positive work environment. I am the executive member of the Old Age faculty & an Equality Champion at the Royal college of psychiatrists; equality & inclusion is very close to my heart.

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