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Shabana Ali

Dr Shabana Ali

GP , Primary Care Lead & Long Term Conditions Clinical Lead Redbridge, North East London ICB

Dr Shabana Ali is an experienced general Practitioner (GP) with a strong commitment to improving healthcare for patients with Long Term Conditions (LTC). With a focus on primary care, Dr. Ali has dedicated her career to providing comprehensive and compassionate services to her community in the East end.

Dr Ali’s passion for reducing inequalities in healthcare drives her to address the unique needs of patients with chronic conditions, ensuring they have access to resources and support necessary for optimal health outcomes. She actively engages with research and collaborations to identify innovative solutions for managing LTCs effectively. In addition to her clinical work, Dr Ali. Is actively involved in health promotion and wellness initiatives aimed at enhancing health and wellbeing of individuals, especially those who are vulnerable and excluded. She is a strong advocate for preventive care strategies and educates patients on lifestyle modifications that can positively impact their health.

Through her leadership in primary care settings, Dr Ali empowers her colleagues to deliver patient-centred care and implement projects and programmes that prioritize patient needs. Her dedication to reducing health disparities and promoting health equity serves as a driving force in her practice and Primary Care Network (PCN), shaping her approach to comprehensive and inclusive healthcare delivery.

Overall, Dr Ali is a GP with extended responsibility in Cardiology, a trainer, mentor, commissioner, collaborator, change agent, a dedicated and compassionate GP who combines clinical expertise with a commitment to improving primary care practice, reducing variation, and delivering health outcomes for all of our communities.

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