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Rose Ssali

Rose Ssali

Founder and Director, Mamas Health and Poverty Partnership-MHaPP

Rose is the founder of Support and Action for Women’s Network (SAWN) and a Director of Mama Health and Poverty Partnership (MHaPP) both spaces being sanctuaries and communities of practice for Black African women. Rose is also a member of Lankelly Chase Greater Manchester System changes Rose is passionate about women and families having a voice in issues concerning them and their future and Women who have Lived Experience in the hardships and barriers women and their families face.
Rose has trained in Asset based Community Development (ABCD) Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities (SFSC) and a counselling certificate and various related trainings Rose has been working within the African communities in Greater Manchester for 20 years in various roles including advocacy, advice, and training and one to one support in various issues affecting the African community like Immigration, FGM, Domestic Violence, Parenting, Money Matters and other issues. Rose also enjoys supporting community organisation start-ups.
Rose believes every human being has a given role, a place and expectations from their community and environment and somewhere somehow in playing these roles, a woman’s wellbeing and who they are, is sometimes compromised because of life’s hardships and with support, women can build anything given to them for the better with love, encouragement, and support. Rose enjoys spending time with family and friends, good food, reading and travelling!

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