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Rebecca Richmond

Rebecca Richmond

Director, Optum

Hi. I'm Bec. I'm a Director within the Optum UK Advisory practice and an expert in international health and social care strategy.

I work with Integrated Care Systems and their equivalents in other countries to develop and implement sustainable PHM strategy. I have a background in advising the provider, payer, government and industry healthcare sectors in many global markets, advising senior hospital and health system executives and policy makers across the UK, Europe, Australia, Asia, Canada, Middle East and Latin America. I also spend a lot of time focused on implementation of PHM strategy through design and delivery of workshops, Board-level sessions and virtual training to inspire, advise and enable multi-disciplinary leadership teams to collaborate effectively on PHM execution.​

I've written several studies on Internal Communication and Employee Engagement best practice across industry including works focused on change management, balancing global and local communication strategy, and aligning internal and external comms more effectively. I feel sometimes that the perceived 'softer stuff' gets overlooked in healthcare and it's a real passion of mine, as you can probably tell from these areas!

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