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Rebecca Richmond

Rebecca Richmond

Director, Optum

Director within the Optum UK Advisory practice and an expert in international health and social care strategy. Cur-rently works with Integrated Care Sys-tems and Aspirant Integrated Care Sys-tems in England to develop and imple-ment sustainable PHM strategy. Also plans and facilitates Community of Practice events in collaboration with NHSE/I. Experienced, with an interna-tional career in health care strategy, advising senior hospital and health sys-tem executives across the UK, Europe, Australia, Asia, Canada, Middle East and Latin America. Expertise in advis-ing the provider, payer, government and industry sectors in many global mar-kets. Further supports implementation of PHM strategy through design and delivery of workshops, Board-level ses-sions and virtual training to inspire, ad-vise and enable multi-disciplinary lead-ership teams to collaborate effectively on PHM execution.

Joined Optum in 2020 following the ac-quisition of The Advisory Board Com-pany, an international best practice re-search organisation. As Managing Di-rector of Advisory Board International Research and Insights, has consulted and advised health system leaders from around the world on critical innovations in health and social care system strate-gy and operations. Also served as in-ternational spokesperson facilitating c-suite national and international events sharing best-practice approaches to multiple strands of health and social care strategy from staff engagement and communication, reducing unwar-ranted care variation, patient activation and integrated care system strategy.

Has written several studies on Internal Communication and Employee En-gagement best practice across industry including works focused on change management, balancing global and lo-cal communication strategy, and align-ing internal and external comms more effectively.

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