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Rebecca Lewellyn

Rebecca Lewellyn

FDP Programme Delivery Director, NHS England

Rebecca is the FDP Programme Delivery Director at NHS England. Her successful career spans 23 years in data and technology, starting her career as a system developer. Passionate about using data to drive transformation that makes a positive difference to how the NHS plans and delivers services for patients, one of her main objectives is to improve the way in which the NHS is able to utilise data to support decision making to provide better insights, better data, and better health – now and for future generations. Rebecca has led a number of high-profile programmes, including the solutions and services that supported the delivery of the Covid-19 Vaccinations programme, as well as the NHS’ data response to the pandemic. In her current role she leads the FDP programme for NHS England which will enable NHS organisations to bring together operational data – currently stored in separate systems – to support staff to access the information they need in order to optimise care delivery for patients.

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