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Rachel Hope

Rachel Hope

Director, Digital Prevention Services (Vaccinations, Screening and the Digital NHS Health Check)

Rachel is NHS England’s Director of Digital Prevention Services, which includes screening and vaccinations digital services as well as the new digital NHS Health Check.

Until very recently, Rachel had been leading the teams responsible for the NHS App and NHS website, as well as enabling and underpinning capabilities such as NHS login. The NHS App has now recorded more than 34 million sign-ups and the NHS website is the largest source of health information in Europe, with an average of 100 million visits per month. Together these services support people to stay well, get well, and manage their health and care.

Previously, Rachel was at the Department for Education where she brought policy and digital & technology expertise into single multidisciplinary teams to support those entering teaching profession as well as those already teaching in our schools. During the early stage of the COVID-19 pandemic, Rachel established and led the Get Help with Technology programme which provided 1.9 million laptops and tablets, and internet access, for vulnerable and disadvantaged children and supported schools to set up digital education platforms and use technology effectively.

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