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Nivedita Prasad

Nivedita Prasad

Consultant, The PSC

Nivedita is currently a coach and mentor for NHS Mental Health Trust inpatient teams, as part of the national Mental Health Act Quality Improvement programme, delivered by The PSC and Virginia Mason Institute in partnership with NHS England.

Working alongside multidisciplinary teams including clinicians, lived experience practitioners and operational staff, her focus has been on guiding teams from ideation through to execution of their chosen quality improvement initiatives, aimed at improving equity of inpatient care.

With a background in economics, social policy and social research methods, Nivedita's area of focus is on uncovering data-driven insights to tackle health inequalities, and effecting change on-the-ground. This has involved supporting a range of mental health inpatient settings - from modelling patient flow, and conducting a current state assessment as part of a wider Trust's reducing Length of Stay programme, to providing quality improvement coaching and mentoring to inpatient teams across England.

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