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Matthew Brown

Cllr Matthew Brown

Senior Fellow for the Promotion of Community Wealth Building and Council Leader, The Democracy Collaborative and Preston City Council

Matthew Brown is Leader of Preston City Council in the north of England, where he has been widely credited as the driving force behind the ‘Preston model’, an economic strategy at the city and county level that presents a comprehensive, interlinked approach to community wealth building as a practical and transformative alternative to austerity and disinvestment.

He also works with the international think and do tank The Democracy Collaborative to promote Community Wealth Building in the UK and beyond. Many areas are adopting these transformative local economic approaches which includes working with place based anchor institutions such as the NHS.

With poverty one of the major causes of the social determinants of ill health Community Wealth Building offers the potential to address economic inequality and the NHS as the UK's largest anchor institution can be central to this.

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