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Lynsey Jarvis

Lynsey Jarvis

We Can Talk Project Lead, Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust

I am a mother of 2 with a very supportive husband. I am currently a Paediatric Advanced Clinical Practitioner working primarily in ED. I have worked within general paediatrics for almost 20 years with some time taken out to work in Community CAMHS and CYP Psychiatric Liaison Team. This further fueled my passion for improved mental health care for young people accessing acute physical health trusts. During my career I have been privileged to work alongside some amazing professionals who have nurtured my development as a practitioner. I have been able to gain knowledge and skills in CBT and systemic family therapy via CYP IAPT course and CNTW local course which have allowed me offer a more holistic service. I have recently applied to complete year 2 of my systemic family therapy course in the hope that I can offer this service to the young people and their families/carers who I come into contact with.
I have fully embraced the role of project lead with We Can Talk and continue to promote this training on a regular basis both within my trust and via regional networks that I am involved with.
I am also currently chair of the NEY Shared Decision Making Council for CYP with mental health needs accessing acute services. This has allowed my the opportunity to network with colleagues and together we have created a better understanding of the collective need for our young people. We are currently working on a number of projects to help improve all of our services both locally and regionally.

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