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Jon Webb

Jon Webb

Development Director Strategic Projects, Assura

As Development Director – Strategic Projects at Assura plc, Jon Webb is responsible for driving the company's capital strategy for property investments and developments across the UK & Ireland. A Chartered Surveyor with over 15 years of healthcare property and private sector development experience, he has successfully delivered over 40 medical centre schemes that cater for a variety of primary care and NHS services - including innovative developments such as the UK's first 'dementia-friendly' medical centre, ETTF-funded projects, oncology facilities and 3PD surgeries.

Jon oversees every stage of the premises development lifecycle at Assura - from concept design briefs to business case approvals through planning and technical design stages down to leasing, funding, and construction. He also sits on the Primary Care Premises Forum committee, heads up relationships with the Health Service Executive in Ireland and oversees Assura's growing private sector portfolio.

Assura plc is a FTSE-250 listed REIT and specialist healthcare property investor / developer, enabling better health services through its portfolio of more than 600 healthcare buildings, from which over six million patients are served. Assura BUILD for health, having developed over 100 new healthcare buildings over the last 20 years, and at the heart of their strategy sits The Bigger Picture; Healthy Environment (E), Healthy Communities (S), Healthy Business (G).

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