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Hardeep Jhutty

Hardeep Jhutty

Director R&D Strategic Operations UK, Moderna

Hardeep joined Moderna in July 2023 as Director of R&D Strategic Operations UK. She is passionate about health and enabling research and innovation that has the potential to transform lives and improve equity.

Hardeep most recently she worked at NHS England as Deputy Director of the Centre for Improving Data Collaboration, to ensure the NHS delivers the data and digital policy and infrastructure needed for R&D partnerships to thrive. Prior to this she led Strategy and Policy for Integrated Care Systems, and Pricing Strategy at Monitor/ NHS Improvement.

More broadly, Hardeep’s experience has focussed on healthcare strategy, policy and economics in the UK and in the global health arena. She has worked with a wide range of NHS organisations, UN agencies, WHO, funders and industry partners to develop and deliver transformative partnerships. Examples include: market interventions to improve access to therapeutics for infectious diseases, an evaluation of GAVI (the vaccine alliance), identifying and scaling innovation interventions to fast-track delivery of the Sustainable Development Goals in LMICs.

She has also held several in Trustee roles that are focussed on health and care at home and overseas (VSO, Carers Trust Hillingdon, H4All, 3ST).

Hardeep holds an MMORSE (Mathematics, Operational Research, Statistics, and Economics) degree from the University of Warwick.

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