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Emily Abbott

Emily Abbott

Co-Founder, Intergenerational England

Emily is a committed advocate for intergenerational health and well-being initiatives, serving as the Programme Director of Intergenerational Music Making and leading the groundbreaking digital initiative Together with Music, recognised for its response to the challenges posed by Covid-19. With a focus on holistic, person-centred health, Emily has successfully crafted and executed numerous intergenerational programs in collaboration with community members, care facilities, hospitals, schools, and creatives. Leveraging her background in music and international development, Emily incorporates elements of songwriting, ethnomusicology, and research into her work, aiming to combat isolation and promote vibrant communities.

As a co-founder of Intergenerational England, a pioneering charity dedicated to fostering meaningful collaboration across generations and sectors, Emily works to advance the field and deepen understanding of intergenerational approaches at a strategic level. Through deliberate strategies that advocate for connections between people of all ages, Emily champions an inclusive approach that transcends age boundaries, reduces inequality, and fosters trust and empathy within communities. This approach not only leads to greater societal integration and reduced social problems but also enhances economic resilience and boosts prosperity.

By advocating for intergenerational thinking, Emily strives to create a society where individuals support each other across generations, resulting in a more efficient, productive, and skilled workforce, increased employment opportunities, reduced social care costs, and sustained societal growth. Emily's work underscores the importance of intergenerational collaboration in promoting the health and well-being of communities and advancing the prosperity of society as a whole.

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