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Claire Richardson

Claire Richardson

Director of Research, Innovation & Commercial Development, Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS FT

An innovator in her own right, Claire has personally contributed to the MedTech field as the inventor on two patents, showcasing her direct impact on healthcare technology's evolution. Her career began in the realm of patent law, where she collaborated with major commercial entities across Asia and Europe, giving her with a focused perspective on innovation and intellectual property.

Throughout her career she has been instrumental in formulating significant international collaborations, launching the MedTech bridge with Singapore, and establishing the Health Innovation Lab in the UK.

In her leadership role at Gloucestershire Hospitals, Claire oversees a team of 63 professionals, guiding the strategic and operational management of the Research & Development, Commercial Services, and Innovation departments. Her initiatives, including the introduction of AI in emergency cardiac care and the development of an AI agent for the fracture clinic, position the Trust as a frontrunner in the adoption of technological innovations.

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