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Christine Blythe

Christine Blythe

Chief Officer, BPRCVS

I have worked for BPRCVS for over 20 years, the last 10 as chief exec. I have had experience of volunteering throughout my life and am a trained therapeutic counsellor. My background is in banking (over 20 years) and supporting my husband in his own business. As an organisation BPRCVS are led by our members. We provide support and guidance to 100's of (in the main) smaller volunteer led VCF (voluntary community and faith) sector groups. This includes setting up, governance (policies/procedures), training for volunteers and funding. We are an externally accredited volunteer centre, own 2 buildings, are a regulated DBS body - amongst other things. We are the voice of the sector and try to represent them, having mechanisms in place to gather information.
Our involvement in the social prescribing agenda has been developed over about 12 years (supported by our local clinical commissioning group) and we deliver an holistic approach.
working with health. Currently piloting a scheme working with children and families.
other projects include support to help people to gain skills to move into employment, a volunteer led community transport scheme - as well as lots of other things.
My role is different every day and is challenging but every day brings a feeling of satisfaction at being able to help others.

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