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Carla Scaife

Carla Scaife

Programme Delivery Lead Autism in Schools and PINS, Greater Manchester Combined Authority

Programme Delivery Lead for Autism in Schools and Partnership for Inclusion of Neurodiversity in Schools (PINS) across Greater Manchester. My involvement in Autism in Schools dates back to its initial inception within the North East England where I was initially involved in delivery into schools and supporting the strategic development of the project, from there I soon moved into the core management team. I have worked within the Greater Manchester region since 2021 supporting the develop of their Autism in Schools project. More recently I have been involved in the development of the PINS project within this area. I am also a "mam" of 3 delightfully vibrant girls, Director at my local Parent Carer Forum and so passionate about co production and ensuring that the voice of Children and Young people, parents and carers is genuinely central in all that we do.

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