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Amy Taylor-Gonzalez

Amy Taylor-Gonzalez

Implementation Lead - National Physiological Science Transformation, NHS England

I completed a BSc Sports Science and Physiology from the University of Leeds and subsequently took a training post as a Respiratory Physiologist at Royal Brompton Hospital in 2008. Having completed the Part 1 ARTP assessment I undertook an MSc in Public Health to broaden my knowledge and skills to understand the wider determinants of health and how healthcare policy should reflect the needs of the local population.
I worked in clinical trials for new therapies for patient diagnosed with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF) and my dissertation focussed on equity of access to antifibrotic therapy using the current NICE policy. I had the opportunity to present my dissertation in a spoken symposium at ERS London in 2016 and shortly after completed STP equivalency with AHCS.
I worked at Barts Health leading the CPET service in Cardiology working alongside a team of 100 Cardiac Scientists. It was here I recognised the importance of networking with other Physiological Scientists, in particular with patients suffering with chronic breathlessness. Working as part of multi-disciplinary team, alongside scientists, we were able to identify the aetiology of dyspnoea in multiple groups of patients. Here I also gained exposure to other groups of patients such as adult congenital heart patients and how CPET is an important tool in monitoring the prognosis of their condition.
I moved to Surrey and Sussex Healthcare to lead the Respiratory and Sleep Science service and sought to resolve multiple pathway issues with patients referred to these services. In June 2022 I moved to NHS England as the Implementation Lead in the Physiological Science Transformation programme. In this programme we work closely with other teams within NHS England, such as the Office of the Chief Scientific Officer and the National School of Healthcare Science to deliver the recommendations set out in Professor Sir Mike Richards Review of Diagnostic Services in England.

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