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Supporting digitally engaged citizens of the future

12 Jun 2024
Digital innovation and AI theatre
Digital innovation and AI , Learning theatre

This session will explore how digital apps like the NHS App have developed over time to meet the evolving needs and demands of patients, communities and the wider public. Moving beyond only booking appointments and ordering prescription, the NHS App aims to provide a more preventative and holistic approach to managing health and wellbeing.

You will hear from Joe Harrison, national director for digital channels at NHS England; Helena Powell, NHS App product director at NHS England; Rachel Power, chief executive of the Patients Association; and Dr Shammy Noor, GP.

This experienced panel will discuss how the healthcare system, patients and communities interact with features and aspects of the NHS App, including data management, access and usability, inclusivity and design.

Joe Harrison, National Director for Digital Channels - NHS England
Rachel Hope, Director - Digital Prevention Services (Vaccinations, Screening and the Digital NHS Health Check)
Rachel Power, Chief Executive - The Patients Association
Dr Shammy Noor, GP, CEO Synpase256 - Darwin Medical Practice, Synapse256