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Reaching net zero and the role of international healthcare approaches

13 Jun 2024
Digital innovation and AI theatre
Digital innovation and AI , Learning theatre

The NHS is recognised as the first health system to embed net zero into legislatation in the effort to make healthcare environmentally sustainable. But, we know that more can be done and that learning from other nations will remain crucial.

This session will draw on the experiences of local, national and international health leaders in their efforts to develop environmentally sustainable health systems for the benefit of patients, staff and the public. It will explore what they have achieved to date, the challenges they have faced, as well as the tools and international collaborations that have aided our efforts to go further.

James Maddocks, International Policy Advisor - NHS Confederation
Chris Gormley, Chief Sustainability Officer - NHS England
Claire Richardson, Director of Research, Innovation & Commercial Development - Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS FT
Sonia Roschnik, Executive Director - Geneva Sustainability Centre