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Population health management as the engine of transformation

12 Jun 2024
Population health theatre
Learning theatre , Population health , Supporter session

How do you really integrate across a system to transform complex organisational structures and historical system barriers?

In this panel session, we will hear about one system’s experiences of integration and transformation through taking a population health management approach, and explore the journey through the perspectives of leaders from some of the critical teams involved across a complex network of partner organisations.

This session is supported by Optum

Alexis Bradshaw, Director - Optum
Claire Credland, Lead, Lincolnshire Neighbourhood Working - Lincolnshire ICB
Matt Gaunt FCCA, Deputy CE and CFO - Lincolnshire ICB
Sarah Button, Head of Transformation – Primary Care - Lincolnshire ICB
Victoria Townsend, PHM Programme Director - Lincolnshire ICB

Supported by Optum