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NHS Race and Health Observatory: how to improve outcomes in black maternity care

13 Jun 2024
Health inequalities improvement theatre
Health inequalities improvement , Learning theatre

The NHS Race and Health Observatory (RHO) aims to combat ethnic health disparities, particularly focusing on maternal and neonatal health. Through a partnership with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, it¬¬¬ launched a Maternal and Neonatal Health Learning and Action Network dedicated to integrating anti-racism principles into services.

The RHO will spotlight a pilot project by Black Maternity Matters, emphasising anti-racist practices. Led by experts with lived experience, Black Maternity Matters fosters a culture of trust among perinatal staff, reducing harm for black women and their babies. Over 200 perinatal staff have joined the network, embracing anti-racism to improve outcomes.

Dr Nandi Simpson, Director, Implementation - NHS Race and Health Observatory
Ann Remmers, Maternal and Neonatal Clinical Lead - Health Innovation West of England
Noshin Emamiannaeini, Senior Project Manager - Health Innovation West of England
Sonah Paton, Co-Foudner and Managing Director - Black Mothers Matter