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In conversation with Zoë Billingham, director of IPPR North, and Kevin Lavery, chief executive of NHS Lancashire and South Cumbria ICB

13 Jun 2024
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In conversation with... , Learning theatre

Zoë Billingham and Kevin Lavery will discuss serving underserved communities, drawing on their respective policy and healthcare experiences.

Zoë is a think tank leader who has advised national and local leaders on regional inequality and is particularly interested in devolution and place-based interventions. Kevin is a strong advocate for partnering with local health organisations to improve health and wellbeing in his ICB’s communities and has extensive experience of working with deprived communities.

Kevin Lavery, Chief Executive - Lancashire and South Cumbria ICB
Zoë Billingham, Director, IPPR North - IPPR North
Victoria Macdonald, Health and Social Care Editor - Channel 4 News