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How can the NHS FDP help meet patient needs of today and tomorrow?

12 Jun 2024
Exchange 8-10
Discursive cabaret workshop , Operational delivery , Supporter session

The NHS Federated Data Platform (FDP) will help support health and care organisations to use data to understand patterns, solve problems and plan services for their local populations.

This session will explore what the FDP can do for your organisation, what current solutions are available and how trusts are using these solutions to improve the delivery of care. The session will also allow for thought-provoking discussion on what tools would make the most positive difference to your organisation in the future.

This session is sponsored by Palantir Technologies UK

Rebecca Lewellyn, FDP Programme Delivery Director - NHS England
Tom Mosley, Product Lead for engagement with the NHS and the Federated Data Platform programme - Palantir

Sponsored by Palantir Technologies UK

Palantir Technologies UK