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Operational delivery

The Operational delivery theme will look at shifting care beyond hospitals to reduce disparities and improve life expectancy, across the whole patient journey from prevention to discharge.

It will look at whole pathways and interfaces and explore patient safety and experience, as well as integrated approaches to specific areas including children and young people and older people.


Taking a close look at the NHS Long Term Workforce Plan, the People theme will explore how that work is making an impact across health and care. We will delve into the way training is changing, key ways we are retaining people, and how we are reforming the system.

This theme will include best practice examples of integrated approaches to delivering the workforce plan at place and organisation level.

Collaboration and partnerships

With sessions focusing on prevention, collaboration and cross-system learning for improved outcomes, the Collaboration and partnerships theme will explore how our new ways of working are improving people’s lives.

We will also look at examples of how systems are shifting power and forming integrated partnerships for change, making sure we are using what we have for best effect across commissioning and provision.

Health inequalities improvement

This theme will explore the various facets of how the health and social care sector is achieving health inequalities improvement. We will be  looking in detail at leadership to mobilise communities and build innovative commissioning approaches, as well as at how early intervention and population health approaches are making a difference at specialty levels.

Sessions will also focus on the best practice across key areas including safety, accessibility and clinically led action for improved experience and outcomes.

Quality, transformation, and innovation

Within our Quality, transformation and innovation theme, we will reflect on how we are achieving improvement and transformation across the health and care sector, and particularly within the NHS.

We will analyse how life sciences and research are improving patient care, as well as how digital and data maturity including the Federated Data Platform is driving better services. We will also look at how we are creating better health through innovative service models.

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