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Operational delivery

This theme will explore how we’re working together to make sure the healthcare and treatment millions of people rely on every day, in hospital and in the community, is of the highest possible quality. 

We’ll showcase the latest innovations and how we’re using new ways of working to deliver joined-up, efficient health and care services for patients.


This theme will look at the immediate challenges facing our workforce and how we’re planning for the long term. 

We’ll explore how we can provide the care our patients need, by cultivating a compassionate and inclusive culture, retaining our people, and developing their skills and expertise.

Collaboration and partnerships

The NHS works best when it brings together the expertise and experience of partners to deliver national ambitions which are tailored to the needs of local communities. 

This theme will explore how partnerships, strengthened by Integrated Care Systems, are joining up services for better health and wellbeing.

Health inequalities improvement

Health inequalities are the avoidable, unfair, and systematic differences in health outcomes between different groups of people. These can occur at all stages of life. 

This theme will explore the progress made locally and nationally, share practical tools and resources to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare systems, and help delegates to take action on reducing health inequalities. 

Quality, transformation, and innovation

This theme will explore how we’re transforming and strengthening our health and care system with the latest innovations and more productive ways of working. 

We’ll show how we’re building on new research, treatments, and technologies to ensure high-quality care, and we’ll be joined by inspiring innovators and improvement pioneers who will discuss how to make change happen.

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NHS ConfedExpo will foster networking, spread learning and encourage innovation -- it will inspire change at all levels across the system.

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