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Info for session leads 

The individual submitting this proposal will be considered the session lead. The session lead will be responsible for:   

  • Submitting the approved proposal, which includes an updated overview providing a clear rationale for the session 
  • Establish the objectives and desired outcomes of the session 
  • Creating the content and talking points which will be discussed 
  • Propose, invite and manage speakers / facilitators 
  • Informing us as soon as possible if someone else becomes the session lead, including their contact details 

Guidance for session submissions

Session title: max 93 characters (with spaces)

Session description: max 284 characters (with spaces)

Help and guidance

Planning your Workshop / Seminar

Planning your Workshop / Seminar

  1. Focus on in-depth exploration of a defined area for development identified in the NHS ConfedExpo Themes. Look at your team’s priority areas and identify the key themes where professional engagement and debate is of highest value and importance. 

  2. Work with colleagues who have supported previous professionally-focused events in your team to understand the types of activities and individual speakers that have been successful in the past in engaging your target audience. 

  3. Identify your target audiences and engage with them to understand the topics, speakers and activities that they want to see at NHS ConfedExpo 2022. 

  4. Be imaginative in your session planning, and try to break up the time with a variety of interactive engagement activities, structured, supported discussion and high-profile speakers. 

  5. Collaborate with partners delivering your priority area and fully involve them as speakers in your theatre session. 

  6. Think carefully about the types of activities you plan and how you want your audience to interact with you, to help you decide whether you want a cabaret-style or theatre-style room layout. Map out a timetable for your theatre time, and work out how much time you will need. 

  7. Think carefully about how you want to attract your audience – do you want to open it to all NHS ConfedExpo attendees and attract a wide variety of people from across the sector, or invite a specific professional group to an exclusive event? 

  8. Where possible, engage your team or project’s most senior leader to take part in your theatre session. The nature of a theatre session means they can make a relatively brief appearance as part of the whole session, before moving on to other major conference commitments. 

  9. Prepare post-course materials that can be sent to your session attendees after NHS ConfedExpo to support ongoing work. 

Planning your Case study / best practice session

Planning your Case study / best practice session

  1. Focus each session proposal on a single area of improvement practice that can be replicated across other organisations and specialties. 
  2. Look at your team’s NHS Long Term Plan priority areas and identify those where there is an objective related to spreading best practice and/or engaging with professional groups. 
  3. Work with colleagues who have supported previous professionally-focused events in your team to understand the types of session that have been successful in the past. 
  4. Identify the priority target audiences and professional groups you want to appeal to and tailor your workshop to their needs. Engage with members of your target audience to identify the session formats and topics that appeal most to them. 
  5. Engage with the partners and patient representatives delivering your priority area to collaboratively shape your workshop session. 
  6. Identify and engage speakers from across the partners collaborating to deliver improvement (no more than four altogether). 
  7. Be clear in your planning about what you want to cover during the one-hour workshop session, and what “take away” your workshop attendees should receive to support them in further exploring the topic and/or taking action in their own organisations and teams. 
  8. Be imaginative in your session planning, and break up the hour with interactive engagement activities and/or structured, supported discussion. 
  9. Prepare post-course materials that can be sent to your workshop attendees after NHS ConfedExpo to support ongoing work.