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Zoe Clarke CS

Zoe Clarke CS

Lead Healthcare Scientist, NHS

Zoë has two roles within Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust: Environmental Control (EC) Service Lead within the Assistive Technology (AT) Team; and Lead Healthcare Scientist (LHCS). In addition between September 2021 and August 2022 she was FMLM Clinical Fellow to the Chief Scientific Officer (CSO).
Zoë leads the EC service which delivers specialised services across Yorkshire and Humber. In this role Zoë manages a team of clinicians, plans service provision, manages contractors and plans future strategy of EC within Yorkshire and the Humber. Zoë represents EC nationally on the Rehabilitation and Disability Clinical Reference Group (CRG). Zoë is extremely passionate about Electronic Assistive Technology (EAT) but also the importance of it being appropriately developed and provided. Zoë has a specific interest in the use of EAT with people with learning disabilities.
As LHCS Zoë represents Healthcare Scientists (HCSs) within the Trust. The role provides representation of Healthcare Science at Trust level; and also enables contributions from Healthcare Scientists into other work within the Trust, such as R&D and Innovation. Zoë also supports the South Yorkshire ICS Lead HCS and is passionate about clinical leadership and how HCS can be better represented. Zoë has recently set up a national Community of Practice for Lead HCSs. Recent discussions about more profession agnostic leadership roles in the NHS have been of great interest.

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