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Tony Wilson

Tony Wilson

Head of Commercial Innovation, NTH Solutions LLP

Tony is the strategic lead in developing new commercial services and innovative solutions for NTH Solutions which is the subsidiary company of North Tees & Hartlepool NHS Trust. Services are developed by the business for both healthcare and private non-healthcare markets with his role focused on the service business proposition and strategy for delivery and growth. Tony provides leadership in developing and agreeing strategic partnerships with private business, local authorities, universities and NHS Healthcare providers to support the business service growth and improving outcomes. He also plays a supportive role to the Commercial and Sales infrastructure by developing brand portfolio and together with the wider team driving commercial income, whilst staying true to NHS brand values and ethos.

Tony joined North Tees & Hartlepool NHS Trust, where he worked since 2007. Working in various roles within procurement and contracting, Tony spend the last 5 years at the Trust as the Commercial Development Manager leading on commercial business growth and ventures. Within his role Tony introduced new business ventures which generated successful income for the Trust in various sectors including retail, marketing, pharmacy, clinical services and many more including the establishment of the Trust subsidiary facilities company NTH Solutions. He also established an Innovation strategy and full operational support infrastructure for the Trust to support the harvesting and commercial development of new innovation ideas. This strategy successfully assisted in the service growth of innovation with portfolio projects being adopted into the NHS.

Whilst at NTH solutions, Tony has established the implementation of the initial sales and business portfolio and assisted in the recruitment and growth of the Sales & Marketing function for the business. His drive and vision for new service improvement through innovation has seen him introduce new and key service & product lines such as Community Nurse Kit bag system which has been sold UK wide across Healthcare as well as Internationally generating significant income return for the NHS.

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