Steve Curry

Mr Steve Curry

Chief Executive, Harlington Hospice

Steve is Chief Executive of Harlington Hospice, a community hospice providing services at Michael Sobel Hospice, in people’s homes and its Day Centre, nestled next to Heathrow airport. A key member of the leadership team that has established 3ST as North West London 3rd sector colonisation part of the ICS.
Over the last 8 years he has been part of the team that have established H4All, a 3rd sector provider joint venture in London Borough of Hillingdon enabling it to become full partners in the transition of health and social care in the Borough. Steve is H4All lead on the Hillingdon Health and Care Partner, an alliance including the NHS Acute Hospital, NHS Community provider and GP Confederation, which is now evolving as an Integrated Care Partnership.
Steve draws on over 25 years’ experience within charitable care providers supporting people with learning disabilities, enduring mental illness, HIV/AIDS and frail older people. Having designed, developed and managed community, residential and clinical services, he is passionate about enabling people to shape the services that impact on their lives.