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Sreenivasa Raju Kalidindi

Dr Sreenivasa Raju Kalidindi

Director / CEO, Director Apollo Education UK / CEO Apollo Radiology International

Dr Sreenivasa Raju Kalidindi is a radiologist with a subspecialty interest in abdominal imaging. His postgraduate training was at NIMS, Hyderabad, India and on the Leeds Radiology Training scheme in the UK.

After working for nearly 10 years in the UK as a consultant radiologist in the NHS, Dr Sreenivasa Raju returned to India in 2012. He has substantial experience in clinical leadership, having held senior positions of responsibility both in the UK and in India.

In 2016 he joined Apollo Radiology International (ARI) as its CEO and Medical Director and has been responsible for the conceptualization, implementation and advancement of various initiatives of ARI in clinical, educational and research streams.

Dr Sreenivasa Raju is passionate about finding ways to improve access to high quality diagnostic radiology by healthcare providers in rural and remote areas in India by using the power of technology. To this end he’s been leading several efforts by ARI in the fields of teleradiology and Artificial Intelligence.

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