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Simon Dixon

Simon Dixon

Director of Digital, Data, Analytics and Technology, NHS Herefordshire & Worcestershire

Simon Dixon is a senior design and digital leader in the public sector and is currently Director for Digital, Data and Technology at NHS Herefordshire and Worcestershire Integrated Care Board. Before this he led a user centred transformation function and digital assurance at NHSX (which became the NHS Transformation Directorate). He has always worked in the health system, starting his career as a support assistant in a mental health team before they discovered he could draw pretty pictures and make websites. Since then he has worked his way up from local NHS organisations to national bodies and has played a key role in delivering high-profile digital products and national digital strategy across several organisations, including NHSX, NHS England, NHS Digital, Public Health England and the Department of Health and Social Care.

Since sitting in the hospital cafe in one of his first jobs and chatting to people about their needs, his passion has always been human-centred design and how it enables better health services. He is a massive advocate for design at a senior level and has been responsible for successfully introducing design into large organisations and highly complex systems. Outside of work he has a published paper in a peer-reviewed journal on using design to solve a complex health challenge, coaches leaders in other organisations in digital transformation and is a guest speaker and lecturer at several instructions.

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