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Sean Clarkson

Dr Sean Clarkson

Head of Strategic Operations, Yorkshire and Humber AHSN

Dr Sean Clarkson is the Head of Strategic Operations at Yorkshire and Humber Academic Health Science Network. He leads the organisation’s externally-facing portfolio of strategic projects and drives internal strategic development of the organisation.

He works with local and national stakeholders on projects seeking to tackle the big health and societal challenges impacting the population today and in the future. For example, his work on the YHealth campaign seeks to tackle health inequalities across Yorkshire and the Humber by recognising the links between health and the economy and making policy recommendations to senior leaders.

Much of Sean’s work also involves driving inclusive economic growth and building partnerships. This includes developing Yorkshire and the Humber’s reputation as a go-to place for health and life sciences innovation.

Sean has extensive experience supporting academia, private, and public sectors to develop innovative health and care products and services. Having an academic background and through his position as a visiting research fellow, he continues to support ongoing academic research.

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