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Sarah Tyers

Sarah Tyers

MedTech Funding Mandate Lead, NHS England

Sarah Tyers – MedTech Funding Mandate policy lead, Innovation Research and Life Sciences, NHS England.

I joined the NHS in 1996 and worked at her local trust for 21 years in various finance roles with a passion for costing, working with services to recognise efficiency and identify opportunities. Following a secondment to the DHSC Reference Cost Collection team I joined NHS Improvement to work with the national Costing Transformation Programme, transitioning to Patient Level Information Costing and Systems (PLICS). Working with the Innovation Research and Life Sciences team to understand how supported technologies could be identified in PLICS led to a desire to work in this field, to make a difference to patients by developing the MedTech Funding Mandate policy ready for its launch in April 2021 and managing its improvement since. Im currently studying for a MSc in Health Policy at Imperial College London to support my career in policy development and transformation.

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