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Orlando Agrippa

Orlando Agrippa

Chief Executive Officer, Sanius Health

Orlando Agrippa is the Founder and CEO of Sanius Health, which he established in April 2022, a healthcare organisation driven by a profound commitment to enhancing patient outcomes, improving the quality of life, expediting evidence generation, and facilitating access to care for patients with haematological disorders, malignancies, rare diseases, and long-term medical conditions. With a career spanning over 16+ years in healthcare, Orlando has cultivated extensive experience in various healthcare settings, including the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK, as well as healthcare executive and leadership roles in Australia and the Middle East. Orlando led the COVID analytics and predictive impact task force in the UAE, which helped support thousands of patients.

Orlando's professional journey encompasses diverse healthcare domains, including physical health, mental health—where he initiated his career—and healthcare transformation. His core areas of expertise encompass Artificial Intelligence (AI), Digital Health, Data Management, Remote Monitoring, and Advanced Analytics. More recently, Orlando exited from the last company he founded as CEO, which provides data and patient flow solutions to 80+ hospitals in the NHS.

In addition to his professional pursuits, Orlando Agrippa is deeply committed to philanthropy and actively contributes to endeavours aimed at enhancing the lives of individuals living with long-term medical conditions. Over the years, he has provided support to charitable causes and research initiatives in the United Kingdom, India, and Africa, furthering his dedication to making a positive impact on healthcare outcomes and patient well-being.

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