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Mila Lukic

Mila Lukic

Founder and CEO, Bridges Outcomes Partnerships

Mila founded and leads Bridges Outcomes Partnerships (BOP). At Bridges Outcomes Partnerships we use outcomes partnerships to radically improve human services and environmental initiatives to improve outcomes for people and value for society. Programmes BOP supports are dedicated to empowering people across the world to improve their lives, in areas ranging from education and wellbeing to housing, child protection, employment and environmental protection. Mila is on boards of NE Lincs Thrive, Ways to Wellness, Spring, Education Outcomes Partnerships, along with family, employment, and refugee support.

Prior to Bridges, Mila’s career spanned private, public and third sector. Mila helped create and run Education Generation, a crowdsourcing social enterprise focused on enabling young leaders in low- and middle-income countries to participate in some of the world’s most forward-thinking education programmes.

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