Michael Mckean

Dr Michael Mckean

Consultant In Respiratory Paediatrics, RCPCH Vice-President for Policy, RCPCH

I have worked as a paediatrician specialising in respiratory disorders at the Great North Children's Hospital, in Newcastle for 20 years. During this time I have been clinical director of children's services, developed and lead the North East and North Cumbrian Child Health and Wellbeing Network and am clinical advisor for the North East and Yorkshire regional Child Health Oversight Board. My recent work has opened my mind to gaining a better understanding of the wider determinants of health and especially, how early adverse events and circumstances in childhood can have long serious long lasting negative consequences. This year I am honoured to be elected as Vice President for Policy at the RCPCH. So many aspects of children's health and wellbeing are now being challenged as I have never seen before and I truly believe that if we are to see a healthier population it is time to prioritise the health and wellbeing of our children and young