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Mesha Moinirad

Mesha Moinirad

Patient advocate and Founder of Hydrostomate, Hydrostomate

Mesha is a multiple business owner, a rehabilitation coach and a keynote speaker, with his work focusing on spreading awareness and promoting body positivity for the chronically ill community; specifically those with bags. Diagnosed with IBD in 2013 and after trialling numerous medications unsuccessfully, Mesha opted to have a stoma bag fitted. Having a bag had such a positive impact on his quality of life, he started blogging on YouTube under the alias Mr Colitis Crohns, and now has an online community of over 5 million across all platforms. ⁣

Mesha is also the founder of Hydrostomate, a revolutionary new hydration supplement specifically for, but not limited to those with bowel issues. As well as this he has developed his own stoma support belt, a specialised product designed to give confidence and support to those living with a stoma, abdominal scarring or hernias.

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