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Luisa Stewart

Luisa Stewart

Director of Policy for Mental Health, Learning Disability and Autism, NHS England

Luisa has been working as Director of Policy across both the Mental Health Programme and Learning Disability and Autism Programme since the role was newly established in January 2023. In that role she oversees development and implementation of evidence-based policies and strategies on mental health, learning disabilities and autism, ensuring clinical engagement, research and co-production with expert by experience in the work of the programme. Luisa previously led Children and Young People’s Mental Health Policy at NHS England, including overseeing increase in community access to mental health services and setting up the Mental Health in Schools programme. Prior to that, she had a two decade career in the civil service, leading a variety of programmes and topics, such as promoting uptake of innovation in the NHS whilst at the Office of Life Sciences to improving social care quality in the Department of Health and Social Care.

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