Lorena Puica

Lorena Puica

Founder & CEO, syd™

Lorena Puica is a global leader in artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions to improve life quality and the future or work.
Puica’s quantum physicist father and entrepreneurial mother sparked her lasting passion for scientific knowledge and successful business practices.
Puica has earned advanced degrees in mathematics, economics and finance from University of Applied Sciences Deggendorf, Germany, London Business School and Columbia University, published a book on Microfinance to empower individuals in sustainable growth, and lead strategic investment management for global institutions with £200billion plus portfolios.
After suffering severe health challenges Puica became an extreme athlete, broke 2 world records and realized her deeper calling in entrepreneurship – founding syd.

Syd brings Puica’s expertise of combining science with proven business practices of prediction and prevention into personalized wellness and productivity gains for business people and all their stakeholders.

Syd has earned the Seal of Excellence for Research and Innovation by the European Commission and was named The Future of Health by the World IP Organization & Cornell University.

Puica’s deep work in AI and Healthcare continues to gain recognition as Top 30 Women in AI, Top 50 most disruptive companies, Top 30 AI Companies and she has appeared in many global business publications including the Financial Times, The Times and Forbes.
Lorena currently resides in London England, lives, works and plays globally and owns multiple tennis rackets.

syd (iamYiam ltd)

Founded in 2016, iamYiam is an award-winning lifelong & personalised preventive health partner. On the backdrop of a $8 trillion global health care cost, of which $6.1 trillion is purely linked to preventable lifestyle diseases, the company aims to make lifestyle diseases like stress, anxiety, obesity, diabetes, back-pain, hypertension and depression - optional. Combining big health data, artificial intelligence, genetics and academic research (covering >2.5 million clinical trial subjects), iamYiam delivers the world’s first personalised performance-focused health plan that is to be executed through the platform’s curated products & services.

With a team of scientists, mathematicians, engineers and clinicians, iamYiam and the iamYiam Foundation are focused on Science-backed preventive health and customised care that fast tracks one’s progress towards optimal health and quality of life – from childhood to retirement. The company’s mission is to enhance the health & quality of life of millions of people by 2025.

iamYiam has already been acknowledged as a leader in health & technology and awarded the Seal of Excellence for Research and Innovation by the European Commission. iamYiam has also been selected by the UK Department for International Trade as one of the 4 health tech innovators to represent UK healthcare innovation globally, named one of the leading trends by Forbes in 2017, ranked by Techworld in the top 10 UK health tech startups to watch, been invited to be a member of the Global Alliance for Genomics & Health, been selected as a member of the Prince’s Trust Business in the Community and appeared in many publications such as the FT, The Times, Forbes, etc.