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Krishan Ramdoo

Krishan Ramdoo

CEO & Founder, TympaHealth

Dr. Krishan Ramdoo is an international speaker, researcher, educator and clinical entrepreneur. His development of the Tympa platform has earned him international recognition and accolades such as the prestigious Royal Society of Medicine prize for innovation in ENT, 
the Rowena Ryan prize for research into ENT and the Hartopp-Dixon ENT prize early in his career.
Dr. Ramdoo started his Medical career in 2009 and after initially working in the Oxford University hospitals he went on to be an Ear, Nose and Throat surgeon in London before embarking on his PhD at UCL, where his area of interest became the impact of hearing loss globally.

Tympa has developed the world’s first all-in-one ear and hearing health assessment system. It brings together three different diagnostic and treatment systems into one. It combines a digital otoscope, microsuction wax removal and a hearing screener into a single, hand-held, portable device delivered by trained allied health professionals. The whole system is supported by a digital platform which securely stores the records which can be shared seamlessly with specialists in any location.

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