Karen Curtis

mrs Karen Curtis

Lead Coach, Medway Community Healthcare

I am Karen Curtis I am a registered nurse by background and have worked in Community Nursing since qualifying in 2010. I have worked within Medway Community Healthcare (MCH) since 2010 and absolutely love being a community nurse. Since my time within MCH I have had varied roles within community nursing and have supported patients and their families with their health and social care needs. One area that I particularly enjoyed was enabling care provision for patients with complex health needs to enable them to remain at home. Including ventilated, tracheostomy and end of life care provision over 24 hours, tailored to meet individualized needs and working collaboratively with a breadth of community and acute services to be able to facilitate.

I am now the Lead Coach at MCH as part of the TICC (Transforming Integrated Care in the Community) European research project and have been apart of the project since 2017 with my main role being to support the transformation of Community nursing and develop the Buurtzorg model to the organisation in its purest form. TICC is something that I am very passionate about due to the impact it has identified on service provision and staff satisfaction, enabling patients to be part of their own care as a key player is important and engages them to take ownership of their health needs with the support of the nursing teams, which in turns enables staff to work proactively rather than reactively and enhances their work life balance.