John Tyson

John Tyson

Head of The North East Innovation Lab, Newcastle Upon Tyne NHS Foundation Trust

John is head of the The North East Innovation Lab which provides independent assessment and evaluation of the next generation diagnostic tests and biobanking services.
He has overall responsibility for operations and ensuring strong partnerships with industry, academia and the NHS, working closely with Newcastle hospitals’ senior management and clinical teams.
With a PhD in molecular genetics, John started his career in academic research and has ten years’ experience in the development of molecular assays and medical devices. He has led the development of in-vitro diagnostic tests on a novel point of care platform as well as the development of underlying technologies. John has also established and managed the delivery of a range of molecular testing services in a commercial laboratory.
Since launching in January 2021, the lab has engaged with over 70 potential clients from across the globe from the USA to Australia and worked with national and international companies to evaluate their diagnostics and develop scientific testing protocols.