Joanna Taphouse

Joanna Taphouse

For many years I worked clinically within the NHS, firstly at Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge where I completed my RGN training in 1991 and started my nursing career in surgical specialties. I later relocated to Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and worked for many years in Intensive Care followed by a move to become a Clinical Nurse Specialist specialising in Acute Pain Management.
Following a change of career in 2007, (which happened to coincided with the start of Referral to Treatment reporting) I moved to Information Services and since then have been the subject matter expert for RTT at Sherwood Forest Hospitals. Currently I am Head of RTT and Data Quality at SFH and support the Operational Teams with many aspects of performance reporting.
My interest in PIFU relates in main to the personalised care element; acknowledging that a patient is often the best judge of when they need to be seen by a clinician and fixed appointments do not always allow for this flexibility, leading to appointments of low clinical value in a time when we have a significant demand for outpatient services. PIFU, when managed appropriately, can help to address this issue.