Jerry Clough

Jerry Clough

Vice President of Population Health Management, Optum UK

Vice President of Population Health Management at Optum UK. Over 25 years experience working in and with the UK public health service at a senior level. Worked as a Chief Executive in a Primary Care Trust in the public health system and a Finance Director in 3 or-ganizations.

Possesses over 10 years’ experience working as an advisory consultant, ex-ecutive coach and facilitator supporting health and care systems throughout the UK as well as other private sector cli-ents. Re-joined the public health system in 2013 and assumed the role of Chief Operating Officer in the largest Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) in Eng-land, holding this position until 2016.

Highly knowledgeable and experienced in integration. Led the widest scope in-tegration of health and local authority budgets in , accompanied by integration in service delivery. Previously delivered many programmes for local authorities and has a wealth of knowledge about local democratic processes. Has exten-sive experience in primary care from practice to system and structural levels.

Keen to blend knowledge of health and care systems and processes with a fo-cus on people and groups to lead en-gaged programmes of development and transformation. Passionate about work-ing towards system sustainability through collaboration and integration.