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Helen Crowther QN

Helen Crowther QN

National Digital Primary Care Nurse Lead, NHS England

Helen’s remarkable 24-year nursing career showcases her profound impact on healthcare innovation and digital integration. Notable achievements include recognition in the Digital and Data Awards 2022 and her role as a Florence Nightingale Foundation Digital scholar. As the first adopted Macmillan Nurse in General Practice, she earned accolades such as Nurse of the Year and Community Woman of the Year, highlighting her exceptional dedication. Helen’s leadership extends to initiatives like the Digital Nurse Network and the National Digital Shared Decision Making Council, promoting collaboration in advancing digital healthcare. Her role as National Clinical Lead for National Access to Records in England ensures over 24 million views of GP records via the NHS App, enhancing healthcare accessibility. Active participation in international conferences and advisory panels, include HIMSS 5 nations, a proud Queens nurse and PRSB member, solidifies her reputation as a global nursing leader. Helen’s unwavering commitment to healthcare advancement continues to inspire and drive positive change in the field. Currently, she serves as the National Digital Primary Care Nurse Lead with a role that splits across the Digital Transformation team as a Clinical Lead and the CNIO team at NHS England, further amplifying her impact and leadership in shaping the future of healthcare.

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