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Hannah Otoo

Hannah Otoo

Representative and Expert by Experience, SEL LDA Parent Forum Three Cs

Hannah Otoo is a mum of two and parent of a severely autistic young man with challenging behavior.
Hannah is part of Three Cs, a Southeast London Learning Disability and Autism (SEL LDA) Parent Forum. as a parent with lived experience. She took part in the NHS Project on Co Production and was also a Parent Carer consulted on the development of the New CETR Policy.
She has over 15 years’ experience in working with various professionals as a multi therapy support.
In 2019, when her son was Sectioned and placed in an Assessment and Treatment Unit (ATU) at a Mental Hospital, Hannah worked so well with the Hospital Team, for her son’s early discharge into the community in just 2 weeks. Following this, she co-produced the first ever NHS England BAME Avoidance and Prevention Project in 2020/2021 and other NHS Improvement projects. Hannah continues to work with her son’s professional and Care Team at his Supported Living Accommodation and helped to avoid any hospital admission when her son had crisis episodes.
In the past, Hannah engaged in various voluntary sector projects across South London and in Africa. She founded a successful special needs school in Africa, in partnership with her son’s Primary School, Paddock School in South London. She later founded SEN Parenting (a UK charity) and other projects. During the recent COVID-19 lockdown, SEN Parenting successfully piloted a Home Strategies Program, funded by the South London NHS CCG to support families to setup special needs system at Home. She organized Ghana’s first Autism and Special Needs Show in 2018 which continues to be an annual Event to create awareness of disabilities in Africa and train schools.
Hannah is a Certified Chartered Accountant and her hobbies include dancing, music, creativity and helping the vulnerable. Her passion is to support special needs families in gaining basic skills for home.

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